Sensitive skin test, 2006

Trial centre

Future Cosmetics, Pretoria, South Africa.


To test whether Bi-Oil causes skin irritancy on subjects with sensitive skin.


Subjects: 21 participants. Age of participants: 18 to 65. Selection criteria: Subjects with known sensitive skin were selected and exposed to a positive control (lactic acid) to verify their sensitive skin status.


Randomised and controlled. 3 areas were evaluated: area to which deionised water was applied (negative control), area to which Bi-Oil was applied, and area to which Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 1% solution was applied (positive control - a known skin irritant). Test products applied via a patch to the volar forearm and removed after 24 hours. Skin evaluated and reactions noted at 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours after application. Dermatologist present during the evaluations. Skin reactions rated on a scale from 0 – 4 (with 0 being no response and 4 being fiery redness).


Bi-Oil was found to be a non-irritant product for subjects with sensitive skin. No subjects experienced any adverse reactions to Bi-Oil. Bi-Oil had an average reaction value of 0.03 over the period of 96 hours. Bi-Oil performed better than deionised water (negative control).