Acnegenic test, 2006

Trial centre

Future Cosmetics, Pretoria, South Africa.


To test whether Bi-Oil is likely to cause acne and comedones (pimples).


Subjects: 21 participants, 17 female and 4 male of varying ethnicities, 50% prone to acne.


Randomized and controlled. Product applied twice daily for 28 days. 3 areas evaluated: untreated area (negative control), area to which Bi-Oil was applied, and area to which acetylated lanolin alcohol was applied (positive control - a known acnegenic product). Test products applied to the upper back (scapular) region.


Bi-Oil was found to be non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic. Area to which Bi-Oil was applied showed no significant difference to the untreated area. Positive control induced acne.